2 Days Kigali Gorilla Rwanda Safari

2 Days Kigali Gorilla Rwanda Safari

Volcanoes National Park Safari

Starting in Kigali, the two-day gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda travels to Volcanoes National Park and then return for a city tour. There will be enough time on your safari to trek gorillas through misty forests and valleys which will be a life time experience.

Detailed Itinerary


Day 1: Kigali city tour and transfer to Volcanoes National Park

Have breakfast early at the Kigali hotel where your driver will pick you up and give you the details of the 2-day safari for gorilla trekking in Rwanda. He will then take you on a tour of the city, during which you will have the opportunity to see the Genocide Memorial Site, which contains information and memories of the 1994 Genocide, as well as some local markets. After lunch, you will then be transferred to the Volcanoes National Park, which is located about 80 kilometers from Kigali
If you still have time after arriving in the park, stop at the Iby’iwacu village. As you get ready for the next day’s gorilla trekking, eat dinner and stay the night.
Accommodation options: the Le Bamboo Lodge, the 5 Volcanoes Lodge, and the Muhabura Hotel.

Day 2: Gorilla tracking and return to Kigali

After breakfast, arrive at the Kiningi Park headquarters by 7:00am, where park rangers will give you a briefing on the regulations governing trekking.
Following the briefing, begin your spectacular activity of hiking through the bamboo forests along the pathways; it can take 2 to 6 hours to locate the mountain gorillas.
One hour is allotted for trekkers to observe the gentle giants when they come face to face with you. You will see them play, jump from branch to branch, and feed.
Along the way through the jungles, you may also spot cows, monkeys, birds, and elephants. Later, return to the lodge for lunch, check out and travel back to Kigali.

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All About Kibale

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Tour includes,

Gorilla trekking permit
English speaking guide

Tour excludes

International flight