Best Time To Visit Volcanoes National Park

Best Time To Visit Volcanoes National Park

When To Visit The Volcanoes Conservation Area In Uganda


The best time of year to visit Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is at any period of the year, regardless it is the rainy time or the wet season. Nobody has ability to go on a gorilla tour, trek a volcano, or take a stroll in the forest can be stopped because of the weather. The majority of visitors, however, choose to undertake gorilla trekking or explore the national park of the volcanoes throughout the drier times of the year rather than the rain months. Whatever you decide to do in the Volcanoes National Park, you are likely guaranteed to find it scheduled all year long.

The greatest time of year to travel to Volcanoes National Park is undoubted the dry season which is from June to September and December to mid February. This happens to be the greatest season to go hiking and taking canopy tours because the trails are dry and accessible.
The perfect opportunity for gorilla trekking is now because it happens to be the dry in the tropical jungles where the gorillas and monkeys live, but you should always bring a raincoat and boots just in case. Hiking is much simpler during the dry season, which benefits individuals who desire to hike in Volcanoes.
Since water is limited in some areas of the park during these months, animals frequently visit water holes to quench their thirst. This makes for easy viewing of wildlife. Additionally, it implies you will be able to locate the animals while watching the game.

Heavy rains that turn the main hiking and trekking trails slick and covered in mud are a hallmark of the months of March to May and October to November. The park should be visited throughout the rainy season by photographers and anyone who enjoy the outdoors to take in the lush surroundings.

During the rainy season mountain gorillas like to stay on lower levels in the rains because it is simpler to track and see them there and because the weather is cooler at higher elevations.

The gorillas aren’t required to travel long in search of their favorite foods, which include fragile bamboo shoots, stinging nettles, wild fruits, wild celery, and other flora, and food is also more readily available during this time of year.

Within an hour or two of starting the journey, you could possibly be able to locate your designated and favored gorilla family, however the damp trails can be difficult to navigate. The reserve becomes even greener with new growth during the rainy season, adding to its beauty.
For bird watchers, the wet season continues to be ideal because there is an a lot of food and you have a great chance of seeing many different species on any bright day without rain.

For photographers, you already know that nature and an overcast day make for excellent photography because vegetation will appear completely green in your photographs.
When deciding whether to visit Volcanoes National Park, it can be helpful to consider if you can benefit from going during the rainy seasons because less people choose to travel during these times, making it a low season for tourism. As a result, certain lodging options in Volcanoes Park offer rate discounts during these times.

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