Sabyinyo Volcano

Sabyinyo Volcano

Virunga Volcanoes In Rwanda


Mount Sabinyo is located in the Virunga mountain range in the three nations: the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda. It has three summits. The word “old man’s teeth” in the local Kinyarwanda language is the source of the name Sabinyo. The mountain’s summit is said to resemble a row of decayed teeth in a gum line, hence the name. Sabyinyo is one of the best places to trek in the Virunga ranges with beautiful views and proximity to the national parks of three nations.

The ascent of Mount Sabinyo, which is 3,645 meters above sea level, takes around 8 hours round trip, but the sensation of standing at the top of all three countries is worthwhile. As the axis of this spectacular peak situated in the western arm of the great east African rift valley, one of the greatest geographical characteristics in the world, Mount Sabinyo gives a 360° experience of the Virunga hills.

The hike up Mount Sabinyo begins with a briefing. The guide and rangers will brief you on what to expect, the history of the mountain, and what to pack. If you are unable to reach the summit by 3pm, it is advised that you return down because it would be too late to complete the activity in time.
Porters are available for hire if a person has large items, such cameras. At least three locals will be traveling with you. To scare large mammals like elephants that feed on the mountain’s slopes, an armed ranger is always included in the group in addition to the experienced guide.

You will first go across a flat area with a variety of wetlands after the briefing. After there, you start to climb for the first 2300 to 2800 meters through an area with lots of flora. Golden monkeys adore living in this mostly bamboo-constructed habitat. You might also encounter elephants, buffaloes, and mountain gorillas in this area in addition to the monkeys. After the first zone, which is home to the critically endangered Rwenzori Turaco, you will come across sub-alpine terrain with less trees. Because the Rwenzori Turaco is such a beautiful bird, birders like it. It is only found in the Albertine Rift region. After completing this zone, you could already be able to glimpse the top.

The allure of climbing Mount Sabinyo is that it allows you to be at the same time in three countries (Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo) and take in some of life’s best views. From the peak, one can see the stunning Lake Kivu in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There are also various more sights visible, including the Rwenzori mountain ranges, more than six mountains in the Virunga region, and Lake Bunyonyi. There are isolated enclaves of human settlement amidst the lovely, verdant plantations and woodlands. Congo looks to have a denser population than Rwanda. Even though it is easier, descending is challenging. Once more, caution must be given with the ladders, especially if the outside temperature was bad.

The climb to the top and the descent each take four hours. As you climb the mountain, there is a considerable chance that you may observe a variety of birds, including the rare Rwenzori turaco. The best time to ascend Mount Sabinyo is during the dry season. The trail may turn into a dangerous, muddy mess during the wet season. Additionally, vision could be hampered, making the ladders dangerous.

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