Volcanoes National Park Entry & Trekking Fees

Volcanoes National Park Entry & All Fees

Volcanoes National Park Entry Fees and Permits


Volcanoes National Park is situated in the northern region of Rwanda in Musanze District. The park inhabits five of the eight Virunga mountains that’s to say mt Bisoke, Mt karisimbi, mt. Sabyinyo, mt. Gahinga and mt. Muhabura.

Volcanoes national park ranks among the most frequently visited national parks in Rwanda since it is residence to endangered mountain gorillas in Africa that can be found in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
When you take time to explore the volcanoes national park, you’ll be awed by the scenery and the reality that you may view a variety of various attractions while taking part in various activities that can be done in the Park through out the year at the lowest possible cost.

The cost of entering Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park varies depending on what you plan to accomplish there. All fees are paid directly to the Rwanda Development Board or indirectly through a reputable travel company like Adventure in the Wild safaris.
The fees vary depending on the visitors’ nationalities and the cost of each activity. For example the Foreign non residents, foreign residents, Rwandan and East African nationals, and members of the East African community. Each group pays a different amount for these activities.

Mountain gorilla permits

For Rwanda gorilla trekking, the entrance fee to Volcanoes National Park is $1500, including the gorilla permit. Rwanda allows 80 visitors each day to go gorilla trekking. Eight people visit each of the ten habituated gorilla families each day, for a total of 80 permits available each day. It is advised to make bookings at least six months prior the trek date to ensure proper preparation and permit booking.

Golden monkey permits

For golden monkey trekking in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda. One of the only two places in Africa where you can see golden monkeys is Volcanoes Park. The Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in southwestern Uganda is home to the other population of golden monkeys. Typically, golden monkey trekking is done in addition to gorilla trekking as part of a comprehensive Rwanda primate trip package.
Foreign non residents pay $100, Foreign residents pay $65, East African and Rwandan nationals pay $80, and foreign residents pay $65.


Mount Bisoke hike
Bisoke is located in Volcanoes National Park, this inactive volcano is 3711 m above sea level Foreign non-residents pay $75 for a Bisoke hiking permit, foreign residents pay $60, and Rwandan and East African nationals $55. Stunning vistas of the crater lake, the lush greenery of Volcanoes National Park, and other Virunga Volcanoes can be enjoyed on a one-day walk to Bisoke top.

Mount Karisimbi hike
The tallest of the eight volcanoes that make up the Virunga chain is Mt. Karisimbi. At 4,507 meters above sea level, Mount Karisimbi is situated on Rwanda’s border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
The trekking permit to Mount Karisimbi’s summit costs $400 for foreign non-residents, $300 for foreigners from East Africa, $250 for foreign residents, and $200 for residents of Rwanda and East Africa. You may reach the peak of Mt. Karisimbi via a 2-day climb, from which you can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding areas of Congo, and Rwanda.

Musanze caves
Foreign non-residents pay $50 to visit the Musanze caverns, foreign residents $30, East African foreign residents $30, and Rwandese and East African residents 4000 RWF.
Many bats live in the caverns, and you can often see them clinging on the cave ceilings with their backs to you. It takes a guide two to three hours to reach the exit by means of a unique entrance in the Musanze caverns.

Dian Fossey graveyard hike
Costs for the hike to Dian Fossey’s graveyard range from $75 for foreign non-residents to $60 for foreign residents, $65 for East African foreign residents, and $55 for Rwandans and East African locals. American primatologist Dian Fossey gave her life to save critically ill gorillas that were on the edge of extinction. In the Virunga Conservation Area, She is credited with starting gorilla tourism.

Camping charges
The cost for all camping activities within the park is $30 for foreigners and foreign residents, $10 for nationals of Rwanda and the EAC, and $20 for EAC foreign residents.

Buhanga Eco park

Foreigners pay $40, foreign residents $30, Rwanda/EAC $25, and east African foreign residents $35 to visit and camp at the park for a night.

Muhabura hike
The permit costs $100 for foreign non- residents, $75 for foreign residents, $60 for Rwandans and East African Citizens, and $80 EAC foreign residents.

Gahinga trek
The cost is $75 for foreign non- residents, $60 for foreign residents, $55 for Rwandans and citizens of east Africa, and $65 for EAC foreign residents.

Several volcanoes hike
The total cost of the permit is $1500 for hiking on Mount Gahinga, Mount Bisoke, Mount Karisimbi, and Mount Muhabura.
Foreign non residents and residents campers pay $30 in camping, East African foreign residents pay $20, and East African Citizens and Rwandan residents pay $10.

Nature walks
Foreign visitors pay $55 for the guided nature walk, foreign residents pay $40, Rwandan and EAC citizens pay $35, and EAC foreign visitors pay $45. As you explore the area on foot while participating in this activity, you will get a close-up to different games and birds.

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