When to Visit Rwanda

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When to Visit Rwanda

The dry season, which lasts from June to September, is the ideal time to visit Rwanda. As these times of year provide the best climbing conditions and also the ideal times of year to see mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

Outside of these ideal times of year, you can trek to view mountain gorillas and visit Rwanda, but be aware that the terrain may be more challenging owing to rain and steep, muddy trails. Before beginning your adventure, you should be in reasonably decent physical condition because you’ll be going through Rwanda’s deep, tropical jungles to see mountain gorillas.
The high- and medium-altitude regions, which include Kigali, Lake Kivu, Volcanoes National Park, and Nyungwe National Parks, are hot during the day but cool at night in January and February. Low-lying areas, like Akagera National Park, have pleasant evenings despite being heated during the day.

An excellent opportunity to experience Rwanda’s gorgeous scenery is January and February when safaris there are very popular. These are the best months for hiking in the forest because of the pleasant weather and sunshine. However, bear in mind that costs will likely be higher and that you must make extensive preparations if you intend to travel to Rwanda during this dry season.
Starting in March, the wet season lasts until mid-May, with showers being the norm. Despite the rain, the terrain is still suitable for a trip in search of the primates that live in this mythical setting. To brave the humid, dense woodland areas during this time, good rain gear is required.

April experiences similar wet weather to May. It’s essential to be aware that the Virungas will be difficult to walk around at this time of year when choosing where to go in Rwanda.
By mid-May, the rains start to subside. Minimizing the tourist masses in this month will let you increase your chances of getting a last-minute gorilla trekking permit. May coincides with the nesting season, when the skies are teeming with brilliant, avian delights, making it an ideal month for birdwatchers.

The optimum time to visit Rwanda is generally believed to be during the dry season, which lasts from June to September. This time of year, has frequent light cloud cover, which creates a pleasant atmosphere for gorilla trekking. The yearly Kwita Izina Ceremony is one of the highlights of June in Rwanda. All of the young gorillas born during the preceding twelve months are given names at this time. The Rwanda Film Festival, which takes place in September and features a number of beloved foreign films as well as works by local filmmakers, is another highlight on the calendar.

You will be landing in Rwanda during the brief rainy season if you are travelling there between October and December. These months are characterized by brief showers that dissipate to reveal blue skies. If you don’t allow a little mud and rain stop you, you could also benefit from cheaper rates on gorilla trekking permits, hotels and lodges.

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