Volcano Hiking In Rwanda

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Volcano Hiking In Rwanda

The volcanoes are situated in Rwanda, which various travelers have dubbed the “country of a thousand hills,” in the Virunga region. There are several mountains in the vicinity where you can go hiking, but you can also go hiking in the national parks of the canyons and volcanoes. The majority of trekking is done during the dry season because it is nearly impossible to hike during the wet season due to the area’s unstable hiking routes.

On your walk, you’ll see a variety of sights, such as the stunning scenery in the volcanoes, a huge number of butterflies, various bird species, mountain gorillas, monkeys, and other primates, not to mention the Twa people, who are thought to be the region’s original settlers.
There are several mountains and locations with designated hiking paths where you can go on a hike in a volcano. Listed below are a few of these locations.

Mount Karisimbi hiking

Karisimbi Mountain, also known as the White Shell Mountain, is the tallest fifth Mountain in the volcanoes, rising to a height of nearly 4507 metres. You can rent some hiking equipment from them for a set fee, and you’ll set off on your journey with an experienced tour guide in the morning.
The hike lasts two days, with the first day coming to an overnight camping spot before continuing the next day to the peak. You don’t want to miss the summit experience because the mountain is covered with snow. Although exhausting, the mountain walk is adventurous, and it takes around six hours to descend the mountain.

Hiking Musanze caves

One of the most well-liked hiking trails is near the Volcanoes Mountain and is called the Musanze caves. They are thought to be over a million years old, and the previous Rwandan kings used them as refugee locations and a storehouse for their primary resources.
The cave ceiling has numerous bats that hide there because of the darkness, but you may see them if you shine a torch up towards the cave ceiling. The road leading to the caverns is clearly marked, and as you cross it to the other side of the journey, it feels like you are emerging from the shadows into the light. This is an experience you do not want to miss.

The mountain Bisoke hike

The Bisoke Mountain likewise climbs to a height of 3700 metres above sea level, and it is well-known for having a sizable Crater Lake at its peak. The mountain is covered with a variety of vegetation, including a bamboo tree forest and other local montane species. Although there are a few difficult pathways as you climb the Mountain because of its peculiar elevation, it is rather straightforward compared to other walks.
The trek up the mountain, which will take you between three to five hours, will be accompanied by a tour guide.

The Mountain Muhabura Hike

Mountain Muhabura is located in the Virunga Mountains and may be reached from either Uganda or Rwanda. You will need approximately an hour to go to the Muhabura, and it will take you a day to trek up the Mountain. You can take a swim in the Crater Lake at the mountain’s summit, which is the second-highest peak in the Virunga.

The Russumo Falls hike

The twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo, which are nestled in the volcanoes, are sandwiched by the Russumo Falls. Before reaching the stunning falls, the journey to them takes about three hours, and you pass through breathtaking valleys covered with alpine forests. It is preferable to go on the walk in the mornings when you may view the many different bird species that inhabit the area, including the pink-backed pelican, the long-crested Eagle, the paradise flycatcher, and many others.

Dian Fossey camp hikes

Fossey is credited with being among the first individuals to devote their entire lives to protecting mountain gorillas. She moved to the Bisoke mountain slopes in 1967 and remained there for more than 18 years until being murdered by mountain gorilla hunters. Her burial is at the Dian Fossey camp, and she was interred there.
Karisoke is yet another name for the camp. The climb typically takes three hours and begins at the Volcanoes Park administrative centre. While hiking, you’ll be able to observe gorillas and other primates, birds, and what Fossey devoted her life to when you arrive at the camp.

Lake Ngezi walk

This walk, which starts at the base of Mountain Bisoke, is regarded as being the shortest in the volcanoes. When climbing the Ngezi route, which takes three to four hours, you’ll witness a variety of bird species, Crater Lake, monkeys, and other primates. A knowledgeable tour guide will typically accompany the hike and provide all the information you need to know about the area.

Buhanga sacred forest hill hike

The Rwandan people place a great deal of importance on the sacred woodland known as Buhanga. Because they thought the area was inhabited by ghosts, the local residents refused to cut any trees down. According on the weather, light, and time of year, it is thought that the forest has varying dimensions and even changes color.
Various species of birds, uncut tall trees, butterflies, and a few other animals will be seen there, adding color and adventure to your walk. You may take as many pictures as you like, but keep in mind that flash-equipped cameras are not permitted.

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